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We hire professional talent in Motor Vehicle, Human-Powered or Scooter-Based delivery roles for placements across the UK. If you need temporary or permanent jobs to advance your career, we are your best shot.

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Gain access to intensive driver training in a vast range of delivery methods and roles.

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Driven by a specific role? Drivers without Borders Ltd guarantees tailored training and recruitment opportunities that suit your choice in any of these areas.

Motor Vehicle-Based Delivery Roles

Same-Day Delivery Drivers

Local-Delivery Drivers

Long-Haul Delivery Drivers

E-Commerce Delivery Personnel

Courier Dispatch Riders

Human-Powered or Scooter-Based Delivery Roles

Pedestrian Couriers (Leg Work)

Scooter Couriers

Bicycle Couriers

Electric Bike Couriers

Food Delivery Cyclists

Same-Day Delivery Drivers

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With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and understanding to match you with the right job and provide exceptional training


We have built strong relationships with reputable companies, giving you access to a wide range of job opportunities


Our team is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance with training or job placement, we are committed to your success. Reach out to anytime.

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Professional drivers can now achieve greater feats through DWB. You deserve a career marked by continuous growth, and lucrative opportunities. Secure roles that match your proficiency effortlessly. No more endless job hunts, and mismatched roles. Let's alleviate that burden for you

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(Project W5K)
Women in Logistics

Females are taking the world by storm with groundbreaking feats. Don’t be left out. Join Project W5K in its stellar move to build a network of 5000 Female Drivers across the United Kingdom.

Are you an aspiring or professional female driver?

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Think speed, efficiency and resourcefulness? Think DWB. We've done the groundwork to improve and revolutionize the logistics industry with a viable network for top-notch driver training, cost-effective driver recruitment and innovative logistic business servicing.

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Join our network of aspiring drivers to receive buzzing industry news, life-changing training opportunities and lucrative job placements that give you an edge over others in the field. We cater to newbies in the logistics industry connecting you with businesses right after your industry-specific training to equip you for excellence.

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Your dream career is just an email away. Contact Drivers without Borders Limited (DWB) and join our network offering you industry news, job and training opportunities for aspiring and experienced drivers.

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